The Secret

One of the people in my class sent us a link to this movie posted on Google Video, The Secret. “The Secret” is basically that we attract into our life the things we think about. If we think of debt, we attract debt. If we think of being wealthy and successful, we attract into our life wealth and success. I don’t normally believe in this sort of thing, but when I start to think about some of the things that have happened to me in the last few months, I got a little freaked out.

First, back in May, I started saw a poster for the MBET program, and started doing some research on it. Not a month later, and totally out of the blue, my company became involved in a project with two students from the MBET program. I had the opportunity to work with the students, and met with the director of the program. Within two weeks after the first meeting, my application was in, the interview was over, and I had an acceptance letter in my hand.

More recently, I have started thinking about what I want to do next year when I am finished with MBET. I am torn between two options: getting a job with a consulting firm, or finding a researcher who is developing new technology who I can potentially partner with to build a business. In the past week alone, I have met a number of people who could help me in either of these endeavours:

1) The professor we are working with on our practicum project, who is doing some very exciting research at UW (potentially a great contact).

2) Over the weekend at the Impact conference, I had a great conversation with a woman who had worked in consulting for large companies for 16 years, and is now a VP with a large Canadian company.

3) There is also a business development organization that I think would be good for me to get in touch with. In the past three days, I have randomly been connected to two people from this organization. First, at the Impact conference, the President of the organization was a speaker at one of the sessions. Coincidence number one – I did not know this person would be at the conference. Coincidence number two happened last night. I was having what I thought was an innocent chat with a friend, during which he received a phone call from a former MBET student who was now working at the very organization I wanted to connect with. I have also met the person who called, but didn’t know he was working this particular organization. I now have an email address and a contact who I can follow up with.

So while this whole idea of “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction may sound a little crazy, I can easily come up with a few seemingly random events that may not be so random. Who knows… maybe I’ll have to start thinking about having a million dollars.

Regardless of how much “The Secret” works, it can’t hurt to think positively. I’d love to hear thoughts on this one, so feel free to leave comments!

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  1. Danieleon 22 Nov 2006 at 2:25 pm

    I totally agree!

    I have a very similar situation…

    So one day working at 2nd cup in Ottawa at the ByWard Market(Workin parttime down the street from my co-op job) I always dreamt that a customer that I served would be someone important or someone cool you know?(I am very social hahaha)

    Anywayz I was talkin up this one business lady who happend to be VP at a company which is alligned with Blackberry and makes it the software packages and stuff!!! She was impressed that I was workin two jobs, doing well at my developer job with Enviro Canada and that Im a very talkative kinda guy at the same time she gave me her card “When you’re applying next time, make sure you mention my name”

    And there ya have it! One goal for positive thinking and dreaming!

    ITs one thing to dream and think….but its another to act and work towards it 🙂

  2. Mia Haskinson 09 Jan 2007 at 4:30 pm

    The secret in the film is supposedly based on positive thinking to fulfill positive dreams (according to their website – I haven’t paid my $4.95 to view). From your Blog and comment 1 – I would imagine that the secret really is “It’s who you know, not what you know”. Reading the website for The Secret, I would imagine that the secret really is – milk people’s money while the source is hot – for now you can read the secret book, go to various flavours of secret seminars as well as download the secret movie.
    This item reminds me of one of the most requested TV clips from the CBC – they did a documentary about dieting – the clip said “Its success is completely based on your failure” or something like that. I think that if everyone thought positively, they would not all be millionaires – there will always be poor and/or middle class citizens. If there weren’t any of these people, the secret would not be able to milk them for their last $4.95.

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