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Apartment for Rent in Kitchener

MBET is quickly coming to an end, and after 9 years in KW, I will be moving back to the bright lights of the big city of Toronto. I have decided to rent out my condo, so anyone interested looking for a place to live, check out the description below:

Spacious 2-bedroom condo for rent in Kitchener!! Ideal for two MBET students with a vehicle! Overlooking Chicopee Ski Hills, this unit features a wood-burning fireplace, open-concept kitchen, large living room, 2 bedroooms and two full bathrooms – a 4-piece main bathroom and a 4-piece master ensuite. The unit has plenty of closet and storage space, as well as central air conditioning, 3 appliances, and walk-out balcony. Laundry is located on each floor of the building. Unit also includes one parking space. There is ample visitor parking, and additional permanent parking is available. The location is close to parks, skiing, Fairview Mall and shopping, and has easy access to Highway 8 and the 401. It is a 15 minute drive to the University of Waterloo or WLU. Available after August 15th. Rent is $970 / month plus hydro.

If interested, please contact me (email is preferred):
Dan Donovan


Site is Moving…

Just an update… is moving. I’ve re-designed my site, and will now be blogging at directly. The theme of my new site will be “Forward Motion”, where by sharing my own entrepreneurial and athletic stories, I will hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams. Hope to see you on the new site!!

I will also be maintaining The MBET Experience, as well as Dan’s Triathlon Blog, so feel free to check out those as well!!


Comment Policy

Due to my site being quite popular with comment spammers, I’ve got a new policy on comments. Everything has to be reviewed before its posted. Its a bit of a headache, but in the interest of keeping the site clean, I’m going to go that route for a while.

Also, if anyone knows any good spam blockers, please let me know.



#1 on Google

This is exciting. Try this link:

Google Search – Dan Donovan

Last summer, Google didn’t even know I existed, other than a few race times way down in the search results. Less than seven months after starting my blogs, a Google search now puts me at the top of the list. Fascinating.

I find this interesting because it comes back to the idea of a “Personal Brand.” I’m still refining my vision and brand, but slowly things are taking shape. It’s encouraging to see the visits to my website slowly going up, and fun to be on top of Google.

PS – I am still a long way from being a true Google “superstar”. Eric Sink shows up on Page 1 of Google with a simple search for “eric”, as he discusses in this post.

I’ll have to make showing up on Google’s first page with a search for “dan” my next goal!! 🙂


I’m #2 on Google

This is cool… less than five months after putting up my website and starting my blogs, a search for “dan donovan” on Google lists as the second item. Now I only have to knock off Dan Donovan, St. Louis Photographer for the #1 spot!!

I’m actually a little surprised, as it doesn’t appear that traffic is increasing significantly to my site. It has slowly grown, though I think I need to come up with some new strategies. Any suggestions for new material that I could post are more than welcome!!


The Secret

One of the people in my class sent us a link to this movie posted on Google Video, The Secret. “The Secret” is basically that we attract into our life the things we think about. If we think of debt, we attract debt. If we think of being wealthy and successful, we attract into our life wealth and success. I don’t normally believe in this sort of thing, but when I start to think about some of the things that have happened to me in the last few months, I got a little freaked out.

First, back in May, I started saw a poster for the MBET program, and started doing some research on it. Not a month later, and totally out of the blue, my company became involved in a project with two students from the MBET program. I had the opportunity to work with the students, and met with the director of the program. Within two weeks after the first meeting, my application was in, the interview was over, and I had an acceptance letter in my hand.

More recently, I have started thinking about what I want to do next year when I am finished with MBET. I am torn between two options: getting a job with a consulting firm, or finding a researcher who is developing new technology who I can potentially partner with to build a business. In the past week alone, I have met a number of people who could help me in either of these endeavours:

1) The professor we are working with on our practicum project, who is doing some very exciting research at UW (potentially a great contact).

2) Over the weekend at the Impact conference, I had a great conversation with a woman who had worked in consulting for large companies for 16 years, and is now a VP with a large Canadian company.

3) There is also a business development organization that I think would be good for me to get in touch with. In the past three days, I have randomly been connected to two people from this organization. First, at the Impact conference, the President of the organization was a speaker at one of the sessions. Coincidence number one – I did not know this person would be at the conference. Coincidence number two happened last night. I was having what I thought was an innocent chat with a friend, during which he received a phone call from a former MBET student who was now working at the very organization I wanted to connect with. I have also met the person who called, but didn’t know he was working this particular organization. I now have an email address and a contact who I can follow up with.

So while this whole idea of “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction may sound a little crazy, I can easily come up with a few seemingly random events that may not be so random. Who knows… maybe I’ll have to start thinking about having a million dollars.

Regardless of how much “The Secret” works, it can’t hurt to think positively. I’d love to hear thoughts on this one, so feel free to leave comments!


Toronto Marathon Split Times

Well, the marathon is over! Four days later, and I’m almost walking normally again. I’m in the process of writing up my report, but wanted to get my split times off my watch, and figured I’d throw them up in a post. I was shooting for 3:10, and thought I was there at the halfway point. Take a look and you can see that I was on pace up until 39km, then just couldn’t dig deep enough for that finishing kick. More to come!


KM Time HR Notes
1 4:07 161 Off to a fast start!
2 4:11 174 Heart rate’s getting high.
3 4:15 173 Settling in…
4 4:25 175 Better pace, heart rate still is high!
5 4:25 175 5km – 21:23 (4:17/km)
6 4:26 177 Pace I want, but can’t get the heart rate down!
7 4:07 178 Fast one!
8 4:12 180 Fast – but look at the heart rate!
9 4:26 179
10 4:18 179 10km – 42:53 (4:17/km)
11 4:24 178
12 4:25 179 Still got the heart rate high… starting to worry now!
13 4:15 176 Running strong.
14 4:22 178 ~ 1/3 finished: 1:00:24. At this point I was dreaming of 3 hours!
15 4:21 178 15 km – 1:04:45 (4:19/km)
16 4:17 178
17 4:25 180 Look at the heart rate again!
18 4:11 178 Pushing it on the downhill!
19 4:18 179
20 4:20 178 20km – 1:26:16 (4:19/km)
21 4:03 177 Down Hog’s Hollow – Fastest kilometre of the day!
Feeling great at the halfway point!
22 & 23 8:46 (4:23/km) 183 Great pace coming up the hill!
24 4:29 181 Not getting the heart rate down.
25 & 26 9:11 (4:36/km) 177 First kilometres over 4:30!
27 4:47 175 Starting to slow.
28 4:48 175 2/3 Finished – 2:02:20 (1:01:56 for stage 2/3). Only two minutes off the pace of my first 14km, and I know I’m hitting the downhill stretch. Still thinking 3:10 is possible!
29 4:53 173 Feeling the burn… getting worried.
30 4:36 175 A little better… gotta get the 4:30/km pace back.
30km – 2:11:50 (4:24/km)
31 4:38 175 Still holding on.
32 4:47 176 Supposed to be downhill!
33 4:58 170 Think I walked through a water station.
34 4:47 175 Starting to really struggle.
35 4:57 175 35km – 2:35:57 (4:28/km)
Need to make 37km mark by 2:45 for a shot at 3:10!
36 5:50 166 First big break… walked a lot.
37 4:59 171 Split: 2:46:46. Have 23 minutes for 5.2km for 3:10. Can I find the strength?
38 4:51 176 Trying to push, but not looking good.
39 5:00 176 2:56:38… realized I’m not going to make it. Barely holding 5:00/km.
2:56:38 (4:32/km) – Would have been right on 3:10 pace! Needed a finish that I didn’t have.
40 & 41 12:29 (6:15/km) 160 Up hill at York St. Absolutely killed me. Came to a dead stop just past 40km marker… the fellow runners giving me pats on the back was a nice touch though.
42.2 6:15 169 Shuffled around Queen’s park, but managed a strong sprint finish.
Total 3:15:22 175

My blogging has certainly increased my online profile. A search for Dan Donovan on Google now lists as result number 11. Maybe in a few months I can move up to the first page!! 🙂 I think it’s based partially on incoming links, so if you like what you read, feel free to link here!


Back to School!

Wow… back to school tomorrow!! It’s going to be my first day of the MBET program. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. It’s sure going to be different than going to work!!University campus, classes, assignments, homework!! What have I got myself into?

This time around, I expect school to be different. I am very interested in the program I am taking, and being a little older and wiser, I will certainly appreciate the opportunity to learn new ideas and to be challenged with new projects!

To many young people, going away to university at the age of 18 or 19 is about living on your own, trying new things, being “young and stupid” – what’s this about attending class and getting an education? I know firsthand that a lot of that experience takes place outside of class. As an older student now, I have been there and done that, and am actually looking forward to classes, homework and assignments!! Wow, I am starting to sound my age, aren’t I?

It should be a great year, so be sure to check out my MBET blog to see how it’s going!

Dan Setup Continues

I’ve been working more on updating this site. I’m going to give blogging a fair shake this time. Last night, I migrated all my articles from over to the new Triathlon Journal ( area of this site.

For tonight’s tasks, I’m going to get started messing with the WordPress themes to personalize my site a little. I’m not looking to do anything fancy, but I’ve got to put in a little effort here to make the site my own!! You’ll see the results, and I’ll let you know how much trouble I have with it.

One last thought – I think I’m going to love using this BlogDesk tool. I discovered it while poking around in the WordPress documentation, and installed a couple nights ago. Installation was smooth, and connecting to my blogs was painless. I’ve written a couple posts using it so far, and it’s great being able to post articles from the desktop. Just open the handy editor, type away, and hit the Publish button!! Makes blogging a snap! I think this may be the key to me posting more regularly!


PS – I inserted a screenshot of BlogDesk in action, just so I could figure out how to insert images using the BlogDesk editor!!

PPS – Wow!! That was smooth!! Lets you edit the size, position relative to text, etc. Very cool! Did I mention I like this tool?

PPPS – Ok… it took me three tries and some reading of the help files, but I blame myself for not reading closely enough. I discovered some new image features along the way (adding shadows, cropping, etc). BlogDesk rocks!!

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